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The conditions of sale and service herein govern the sale of products via this website, all’URL www.meristemia.eu, di proprietà di Meristemia , located in the hamlet of Castagnola 7 27040 Mount Beccaria Pavia, who is directly in the content and commercial management, organizational, logistics and accounting - administrative sales. Your purchases are regulated and protected by the laws of the d. Decree. n.185 of 22 May 1999 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts.
To these are added the rules and conditions of sale herein service.
Meristemia si riserva il diritto di variare le condizioni di vendita. Any new terms take effect from the date of publication.
Vi invitiamo quindi a leggere con attenzione queste condizioni ogni volta che effettuate un acquisto su www.meristemia.eu

1 – Acceptance of orders:

To place an order you must be of legal age.
Gli ordini ricevuti diventano vincolanti per Meristemia dal momento in cui ricevete la conferma, via email to fax, the whole order process has been completed successfully: payment has been authorized and the products are available.
Print out your order confirmation receipt and store.
If you do not receive the email or fax confirmation, please contact us.
In the case of any impossibility, even temporarily, to escape in all or part of an order is received, Meristemia contatterà tempestivamente il cliente per prendere gli opportuni accordi, provided that the customer has the option to request cancellation, partial or total, their order and return the corresponding amount already paid.
If the customer's data are incomplete or inaccurate, likely to affect the proper delivery of products and / or the regular accounting of the sale, Meristemia prenderà contatto con il cliente prima di evadere l’ordine, reserves the right to refuse the order.

2 – Order:

Non esiste un importo minimo di spesa presso Meristemia.

3 – Right of withdrawal:

The online sale is equated with mail order. The right of withdrawal allows the customer to return the product ordered in case you change your mind about his purchase. Under the D. Decree 15 January 1992 one. 50 and Law. 185 of 22 May 1999, consumers have the right to terminate the contract of sale for any reason, without assigning any reason and without penalty.
Therefore, the private client can, within ten days of receipt of goods, exercise the right of withdrawal if you do not find a product to his liking or not in accordance with the description on the corresponding tab.
Meristemia provvederà, chosen by the customer, to repay the value of the product or replace the item with an equivalent product.
The right of withdrawal shall apply the following rules:

the customer who does it should be a private;
il diritto si applica a tutti prodotti venduti attraverso il sito www.meristemia.eu;
the product must be complete, complete with all parts, packaging included;
all costs to return products are borne by the customer.

To use the return process you must first send an email to:info@meristemia.eu avente come oggetto “exercise the right of withdrawal”, indicating:

the order number,
the date of receipt of goods,
the date and number of the invoice or receipt,
the reason for the withdrawal.

Within 3 working days of receipt of the email must then send a registered letter. a:

Frazione Costa 63 27050 Romagnese Pavia

Upon receipt of the registered letter will be contacted for communicating the details of shipping the goods you want to return.
Within 30 giorni lavorativi dal ricevimento dei prodotti resi Meristemia provvederà ad effettuare l’accredito al cliente delle somme corrispondenti al valore dei prodotti, as shown in the invoice or the receipt. This amount will not include shipping costs, in accordance with article. 5, paragraph 6, Legislative Decree No.. 185 of 22/05/1999.

4 – Guarantees:

Product specifications are shown in the online catalog, in the respective data sheets,and are available at any time of the choice and the decision to purchase.
Meristemia garantisce che i prodotti posti in vendita sono esenti da difetti e le confezioni sono integre, not damaged or tampered with. In the case where a defect riscontaste, damage or tampering, please, tell as soon as possible, event within seven days, by sending a registered letter A.R.
Anyhow, as regards the products deteriorated or damaged by reason of a wrong packaging, the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal in the manner and within the time specified, or may require assistance for replacement of the product.
The products offered for sale are guaranteed by their manufacturers in accordance with law.
Meristemia presta la propria garanzia di distributore ai sensi di legge e non risponde dei danni causati dall’uso improprio dei prodotti acquistati nonché dall’incompatibilità degli stessi con allergie, diseases or other physical conditions of the customer.
Meristemia garantisce inoltre che tutti i prodotti posti in vendita sono conformi alle norme italiane e dell’Unione Europea (EU) that apply to them.
Per ogni necessità di assistenza potete contattarci tramite e-mail info@meristemia.eu

5 – Pricing and Billing:

Prices, published alongside every product offered for sale, include VAT and all other taxes and duties in force.
The total charge is the sum of the prices of products purchased (into force and published on the website at time of order), addition to the contribution to costs of delivery, if any.
Meristemia si riserva il diritto di variare senza alcun preavviso i prezzi dei prodotti e il contributo spese di spedizione, ensuring that rates and fees attached will always be those in effect at time of order.

6 – Applicable law:

Tutti i contratti di vendita conclusi con Meristemia si intendono perfezionati in Italia e sono sottoposti alla legge italiana.

7 – Payment:

It’ possibile acquistare i prodotti ed i servizi offerti da Meristemia scegliendo tra le seguenti modalità di pagamento:

Credit / Banca Sella
Bank transfer in advance

Credit Card / PayPal
PayPal, Group companies eBay, provides a micropayment system online by credit card, acting as a broker between the user and the receiver of the payment.

With more than 100 million accounts worldwide, PayPal offers the customer the assurance that the card details do not fall into the hands of the other party: your data are entered only once and from then on simply log in to your account to make payments.

With PayPal, you can pay for their purchases by combining their account a Credit Card (or prepaid top) Show, Visa Electron e MasterCard, or using their balance.

Registration is free and fast; You need only an email address that will be used to notify each transaction executed.

Pay for your purchases with PayPal Online for free and without sharing your financial information; the seller receives your payment securely and in real time on your PayPal account.

Safe: with PayPal your personal information is safe because it is never shared with the seller; your privacy is our priority.

Fast: the recipient receives the payment at a glance; Your product can be your friend sent or made available immediately.

Safe: PayPal protects your purchases ... buy with confidence.

This method of payment is required for the purchase of goods or services by users resident outside of Italy.

Bank transfer
Wire Transfer is used for payment of products and services offered.

Once the request is necessary to follow this procedure:

1.Wire Transfer must be made within 3 working days from the order date;
2. the causal appearing on Bank Transfer shall indicate the name and surname of;
3. il Bonifico Bancario dovrà essere effettuato a favore di Meristemia che vi darà le indicazioni via mail.

Per completare la richiesta e per evadere l’ordine velocemente è gradito e consigliato l’invio di una copia del Bonifico Bancario effettuato tramite email all’indirizzo info@meristemia.eu

Cash on delivery

If you choose to pay for your purchase directly to the delivery of the product you have to remember that before the order is processed you will be contacted by telephone to ensure the place order.

The additional cost for Mark to Euro 3,6.

Payment can be made by cash, up to a maximum of € 500,00.

You can pay your purchase by recharging our American Express Card. This can be done at any post office, at ATMs affiliated or via the Internet (for persons holding BancoPosta account or owners of a American Express Card). Select the payment method the item “PostePay” and you'll see the data in the card number to be charged

Per discriminare i pagamenti vi preghiamo di inviarci una email a info@meristemia.eu con l’avvenuta ricarica sul nostro numero di carta, specifying the number of order, the amount and the date and time at which it was effected.

8 – Terms of delivery:

Meristemia effettua le consegne a domicilio tramite corriere espresso o tramite il servizio postale con un addebito variabile in base al peso del pacco e al luogo di spedizione. Transport costs are never included in the price of the product.
Orders placed with payment by credit card are processed, as of the date indicated on the order confirmation that will be sent by email or fax:

within 1/2 working days, for products from stock
within 10 working days, for products not on stock.

Recall that, if paying by bank, Products are shipped only when we receive the notice of “Upon payment” by the bank.
Since in this case the time of shipment of the products may lengthen, to speed we recommend that you fax us a photocopy of the receipt of the payment or receipt of transfer order.
The terms listed above indicate the length of time that is normally required for the preparation and delivery of the ordered products. Meristemia non potrà mai essere ritenuta responsabile per eventuali danni derivanti da ritardi occorsi durante il trasporto.

The parcel courier delivery during business hours (hours 9-13; 14-18), Monday to Friday. If at home there is always someone who can pick up, not indicate bands restricted (ad is. by h.13 to h.14), but put a different address in the “recipient data”: to work or to a neighbor / relative or shop around the corner.
9 – Shipping and Handling:

For orders above 50 €, transport and delivery throughout the country are free.
For orders of less than, Meristemia addebita, as a contribution to transport costs, the following amounts inclusive of VAT and all other taxes and duties:

Italy € 6.00

10 – Protection of personal data:

Registrandovi ed effettuando acquisti tramite il sito www.meristemia.eu i vostri dati sono al sicuro.
All of its data is transmitted in a protected and treated with the utmost respect for the rules on personal data protection.
Your data will be used for the sole purpose of completing your order or, when authorized to do so, to communicate news, promotions or other initiatives of your possible interest.
Vi garantiamo che Meristemia non comunica i vostri dati ad altre società o enti che potrebbero utilizzarli per azioni commerciali o promozionali a voi non gradite.
The only third parties that may receive your information are those who work with us in the transaction management, such es.le banks, post offices, Couriers.
Our customer service is always available for you to check your data, edit or delete.
In this regard, we invite you to review the detailed information, made pursuant to Article. 13 of Legislative Decree. 196/2003, described in the section of this site, in cases in which it is provided, to want to grant consent for further treatment.

11 – Customer Support:

Per la Meristemia è importante che i suoi clienti siano soddisfatti in ogni momento dei loro acquisti. Per questo motivo Meristemia ha messo a vostra disposizione più recapiti tramite i quali rivolgere domande o chiedere informazioni su tutto ciò che riguarda l’ordine e l’assistenza post-vendita.
Potete inviare una e-mail a info@meristemia.eu : you will be given an answer within 1 business day of receipt.

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